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OMFG OKAY SO one of my classmates, L, came into lesson late this morning wearing a full circle princess dress, and eye shadow and eyeliner. He said to our teacher, “Sorry I am late” as we all looked up, he sat down. It was followed by laughter and giggles mostly from girls. Some of the boys were just in awe.

"Why are you wearing a dress, L?" I asked him
“Because I felt like looking pretty today” He smiled confidently but seemed quite conscious that everyone went a little quiet.

THEN my friend (you can see her hand in the picture, holding a blue marker) walks in and says, “WHAT THE FUCK, thats taking the piss.”
I quickly said, ” He looks great, he can wear whatever he wants”
She goes, ” No yeah I KNOW but what the fuck he puts on eyeliner and wears dresses better than I do!”


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